Sunday, June 2, 2013

On to Blake Island and the Illusive Anchorage site of the HMS Discovery

29 May 2013 Thursday

Departure time 0840 with no wind and cloud breaks. Up Colvos Passage we go with ebbing tide and no boat traffic until midway where me meet a tug and barge heading south. Shatoosh runs steady at 7 knots.
My first goal is to head and locate the HMS Discovery anchorage back on 19 May 1792. I am 10 days off of Puget's timetable + 221 years. Its never too late to Discovery him.. My cruise this summer will be taking me north again in the wake of the HMS Discovery and in a few days we will celebrate a milestone in the Discovery's Historical Events. Readers, take notice as you will have to flip flop between both blogs to stay current.

A rain squall hits me just as I approach the anchorage site, so I hang out until it clears at 1100 hrs. I take numerous photos for Gareth Curtiss, our artist for the Puget Project. If you are new to this additional adventure I am undertaking please see the link below and catch up on all the latest news. Our main question today that needs answering for Gareth to detail his drawings, "What does Blake Island look like from the anchorage and can you see Mt. Rainier?" This anchorage has been a difficult one to interpret but after reading numerous books and chart surveying I have focused on the area northwest of the western point of Blake Island in the area that is sounded at 39 fathoms. Captain Vancouver says he anchored in 38 fathoms of water and gives bearings and mileage coordinates to the shorelines.

The blue line is my route and the nw point is the anchorage site.

As you can see; or not see, there is no Mt Rainier today.

Shatoosh and Pashmina are safe and sound docked at Blake Island with the Entrance Signage just off our stern.