Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Next Stop Langley on Whidbey Island

I was out of Blake harbor by 0600. Not long after my departure I seemed to be playing dodge ball with the 6 AM ferry routes. The one on the left is leaving Bainbridge Island and the one on the right is going there. While my route if right up the middle headed for Whidbey Island.

A sun break as we call them. They start like this and end like that.


I towed Pashmina but put her on the swim platform as the marina is small. Langley is a small harbor but nice place to spend the night, visit the city and have a good meal. I met old friends who I have known and in fact these are my two favorite writers; Penelope Bourk and Margaret Bendet. They are fairly new residents of the island and new friends to each other. Writing is their link. I marvel at their way with words, carefully carving them out from some mystical place deep within. I sat in awe as I savored my Thai fish sizzler combination.

Penelope Stuart Bourk is an expert on mythology, writing, sculpting wood with weaving to tell a story. She has an 18 piece exhibit on Homer's Odessey which is spectacular. Her husband is also a wood turner and makes beautiful bowls. http://www.penelopestuartbourk.com/

Margaret Bendet is teaching writing courses on your own Memoirs. She also has an Editing Service and is a distributor of Young Living Oils # 387025   .www.margaretbendet.com


All in all, we had a great dinner and conversation and Margaret got to see Shatoosh and Pashmina for the
first time. If you are ever on Whidbey island, look these two exceptional ladies up. Take a course or two, write your own obituary, but don't make it boring, as you might not get a passing grade.    

I need to come to Whidbey more often.  This was fun.