Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zittle's Marina in the South Sound and A Porta Surprise

Since I am permanently leaving my Foss Harbor slip next week and headed for the San Juan Islands for a month, I needed to drive south and secure a slip at Zittle's Marina for my return. Zittle's is a 4th generation owned marina on Johnson Point in the south Puget Sound. It is out in the country with large farms and located on the edge of a fresh water creek. After speaking with the owner, I walk down to take a look at the fuel dock and the entrance to familiarize myself for when I return with Shatoosh.

My intuition speaks and I have a feeling I am about to find a Porta Bote.  In a few minutes I see a nice Nordic Tug with a very old and well worn porta bote sitting attached to the swim platform with just some lashings. I walk back to the car and get my cell phone to take some pictures of it and then return to the office to make contact with the boat's owner. Later the owner calls me and states they have owned the Porta Bote for years, but just recently started carrying the bote on the swim platforrm on her side. He loves to row her.

Well this is a positive note and a good starting point for me to lash P2 on my swim platform and see what happens. It will be quite a bit cheaper than starting off with expensive davits.