Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Inati Bay to Bellingham

30 August 2011 Tuesday

I slept much better but was awakened often with beam waves coming into the bay. It is overcast and reporting 15-20k southerlies. I'm moving slow but get off by 0900hrs. I am going to tow Pashmina up close and give it a try, as it is a little rolly. We only have about 10 nm to go. Bellingham is the closest  pumpout for the head, so that is our mission today.

I'm cruising at about 5.5k just to keep Pashmina calm. The wind and waves are on my beam and aft quarter and later on my stern. It is probably only about 5 k of wind and the seas are not more than 3 feet.
There are 2 sections of marinas, the East and the West. I take the East basin as the guest dock and pumpout are close by.  After pumping out I call the harbor master and he gives me the location to dock. Another boat has come in and helps me dock in a tiny space. Another lady singlehander on an Island Packet 31 has been out cruising with another boat for 2 months up north. It is so good to see more ladies out cruising on their own boats. At the end of the dock I find another Porta boat- my 4th so far on this trip.

12 Ft Porta Boat
Dinghy Storage at East Basin Bellingham

Shatoosh and Pashmina get a really good bath and I get a long shower. I re stow Pashmina on the roof.

All Clean Again
Ready For The Next Leg

I take an early bird dinner at the restaurant at the end of the dock and have salad, Idaho trout, rice pilaf with cranberries, green beans with almonds, and cream burlee. All for $17.95. Plus I couldn't eat all of it so have another meal tomorrow.

This is a good stopover to get rested some, so I plan on another day here.
Day's Run: 8nm