Saturday, August 20, 2011

Home Again and Planning for My San Juan Island Trip

While I was gone, my magic stick from Sandy Kaye, the President and Owner of Porta Bote arrived. It has nifty little cuts in it to grab hold of the edges to pry the sides apart.

Before I left for Blake Island, I attached the new letters for Pashmina 2 to the port side.

The other package arrived and it is my new boat dolly. A friend had one and I found it on Amazon. Magna Cart. The thing I liked about it is the wheels fold flat, making it easier to stow on the quarterberth in the aft cabin. I'll certainly try it out this next week when I head for the San Juan Islands. Comparing it to my old luggage cart:
1. The new one is heavier, but lays flat
2. The handle telescopes easily, as opposed to the luggage turn screw to lock it in place.
3. The tires automatically hinge flat when the carrier foot is opened to take the load.
4. It will carry 150 #.
Cost: $ 39.99 plus S/H