Monday, August 15, 2011

Adventure 3 with Pashmina 2

My morning starts off with a phone call to the Porta Bote tech support to ask questions regarding using dinghy davits to attach the bote to the swim platform. I got a user unfriendly, stressed out staff person who was of no help and basically cut me off. Since I didn't get one answer to my questions, I wrote an email to the company and within minutes I had an apology from the President of the company,  Mr. Sandy Kaye. This certainly was a change from my morning encounter and got some answers to my questions.

I found several Tacoma companies who sold the Weaver Snap-Davits and would install them. I spoke with Modutech and they were most helpful and polite and I could bring Shatoosh over with Pashmina 2 and they would measure and perhaps be able to fit them that day.  I can call and schedule a time when I am ready. This is more like, a company who is helpful and ready to serve you.

I go to Ace Hardware and buy a 4Sale Sign for Pashmina and get new lettering for Pashmina 2. Too Tall calls and says that I should look up the Porta Bote Yahoo Group. So I spend some time looking at the message board finding how others are mounting their dinghies on their boats, towing them and also some funny stories about opening new boats.

I can resonate with this one:
"First of all it took me two days to open it. I wore myself out the first day and decided to start fresh the next morning when hopefully I would be in a better mood. I was finally able to open it the next day. I let it sit in the garage for a couple of days. Now I can take the opening stick out and it stays open by itself."

I told Sandy, (after 2 emails I am now on first name basis with him) that I wrote a boating blog and perhaps he would like to read my recent postings about opening a new boat. Also, I asked, "how do I get one of the opening sticks?"  Maybe he will send me one! Who knows, miracles happen every day and after P2 stays locked up open in the hot garage, while I go cruising, maybe I won't even need an opening stick.