Friday, August 26, 2011

San Juan Island Cruise 2011

25August 11 Thursday
I'm excited about my 5 week cruising window to explore new and old places along my route to the San Juan Islands and returning to my new home port at Zittel's Marina on Johnson Point in the South Sound. I am underway at 0530 hrs from the Foss Waterway in Tacoma, Washington. It is still dark and the harbor and city lights lights give me a hint of reflected visibility. I see 2 working tugs at the entrance getting ready to

tend to an anchored ship and one tied to the grain elevator. I pass the anchored ship to my port and cut across Commencement Bay, where the sun is beginning to peak over the cascades. I can see many small fish jumping and some salmon splashing. I pass Brown Point and Dash Point as I cruise north along the mainland. To port are Maury and Vashon Island. I'm moving nicely with this early morning ebbing tide at 7k. Normally I wouldn't leave this early, but wanted to catch some of the ebb tide. I have about 50 nm to go and want to get to Langley on Whidbey island to meet friends. Langley is a small marina, so I have made a reservation ahead of time to make certain I get a slip. I love mornings and this one is nice, clear skies an calm seas. What else would a cowgirl turned boatgirl want?

Hindsight is a must and as I look astern I see a tug in tow with a large fuel barge and the big ship immerging from Commencement Bay. They are moving very slowly and don't pass me for hours. On each of the points I pass I dodge many fishing boats and to my surprise, I pass a guy fishing in a 12 ft Porta Bote. Upon entrance to Shilshole the radio crackles and a woman is calling the coastguard. Someone has run across a fishing boat with a man collapsed. They boarded it and one is performing CPR, while others are towing them into the marina. A coast guard boat is speeding past my stern and heading to the marina with flashing lights and sirens. I hear nothing else about the incident.

Shatoosh Gives Way to Crossing Ferry

At noon I pass my stern on the south shore of Whidbey and call my friends. I slow down and get me some munchies to eat on and watch 2 eagles trying to pick up a fish, then return to my cruising speed. I miss my ETA by 3 minutes. I radio for my slip assignment and the dock hand is waiting to assist me. This is a marina built years ago for small boats using funding from trailer boat registration.

Pene arrives and takes her first viewing of Shatoosh and then we return to their home. Terry is in his studio turning bowls, which he masterfully does. Pene, who is also talented, does elaborate weaving and wood sculptures.  She has worked several years completing multiple displays of Homer's Odyssey. We take a tour of some of the new garden art which has a whimsical aspect to it. I have fun with the giant Spider. They have more pieces of wood laying around just waiting to be rejuvenated into something special. Later we have a wonderful dinner at a local Langley bistro, a walk about town and some ice cream to top off the evening. Terry gets his tour of Shatoosh and I take extra time showing him all the different kinds of woods that make Shatoosh unique, like African Sapele, and Hawaiian Koa.


Hi Blog Readers

Attacked By a Giant Spider

Dinghy Storage Langley Marina

Norweign Tresfjord 28

My Favorite Nauticat 33

This has been a long day for me, so I fall asleep early. It has been a delightful day visiting with friends and seeing a new marina for me. The 2 harbor masters are really helpful with the docking, as this is a small marina and can be a tight squeeze.
Day's run 51.1nm