Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bellingham Layover

31 August 2011 Wednesday

I slept from 2130 hrs to 0720 this morning. Boy, so I feel rested. Its raining this morning, so I will enjoy a break, check the engine and try to get some photos put up on the blog. I have had a spotty internet connection over at Inati Bay, so that is why I am behind on posting pictures.

The other day I coined a term for all my faceless blog readers and abbreviated it FBR. It was only a few hours that I received an email from someone who said he was a FBR from Oklahoma asking a question about my use of the NOAA Charts and the free Sea Clear program. In matters of hours the term for this sub culture has taken off. Let me hear from you other FBRs. The blog stats showed new readers from Brunei and Mexico. The one in Nepal continues to read the blog. When I return I will have to count the countries, as my list is growing and may be even with the numbers of navigable river waterways I have cruised-over 70.

I'm happy to get all the pictures up. It does take lots of time, but I love doing it. It is always easier when the signal is good and I'm plugged into 110. I got the engine and batteries checked and my next 11 days programed out. My new DC cooler is running well and after one week I still have frozen ice in one of the gallon jugs. I freeze filtered water from the house and bring them. They have never lasted this long. I asked a lady on the dock where I could get block ice. She said they just put on 6 blocks so she'd give me one. I paid her for it, of course. That was the easiest block of ice I've ever taken on. She even delivered it to Shatoosh. ASK, and you shall Receive!

I'm working my way over to Orcas Island where I will be meeting up with friends. Tomorrow I will take a short leg to Cypress island and pick up a mooring buoy. The guidebook stated that Cypress is a jewel of an island. I have never been there so looking forward to going.

I heard a knock on the deck. A new set of Faceless Blog Readers(FBR's) were staring at me. They read the blog and are living aboard a 45 ft Ed Monk wooden trawler. They just happened to be docked a few boats down and have just returned from Portland by car. They wondered if they might run into me on my trip north and immediately recognized Shatoosh as they ventured down the dock. Wow, this is too much. I'm definately in cruising country and blog readers are ever so present. I walk down and see the Viking Star; a stately ole lady with lots of upgrades. They also, write a blog, Lets take a peak. I've been reading it for about 30 minutes. I love it. Before I left their boat we talked and they gave lots of good information on the buoys at Cypress Island. I can't wait to get there.Thanks Al and Kristi for stopping by. I look forward to seeing you in some special cove.