Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miracles Do Happen: The Porta Bote Company

I've only owned a porta bote for a few days and my adventures are up to number 4. After having a negative experience yesterday with a tech person, Mr. Sandy Kaye(Owner and President) has emailed me, yet again, telling me that he has made some policy changes that will support his tech staff better. I am so impressed by Mr. Kaye's responses to support his staff, help customers resolve problems and to build a better company.

He took the time to read my blog and commented, " I got to view your absolutely beautiful blog. In addition to the fine writing, the pictures are really magnificent. I found myself going back and forth over them. Sharp, colorful and clear! By the way, the funny article on your friend's being "swallowed by his boat" just reminded me that about 2 years ago, our engineers did a redesign on the hinges. The subsequent Botes can be opened even without the need of a stick. But, we're enclosing them anyway to new boat owners. I think that's the reason the "4 minute boat opening" video shows how easy it is to open. We'll have to insert a caveat that the boat pictured is one of the new models with the easy opening hinges."

NOW, this is important information to know, I say to myself. My boat and Larry's fall into the older category, which means we do have boats that are difficult to open. Its not that we are weak from our age, clumsy and not coordinated, but rather we are dealing with recalcitrant hinges. Boy, do I feel better already.

Miracles do happenI am getting the magic opening stick, Sandy turned a negative event yesterday into a positive opportunity for me and his staff and for future viewers of the "simple opening video". What a helpful, compassionate man! My impressions of the company ends on a very high note. Thank you Sandy and your Porta Bote Company.