Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Blog and The Porta Bote Company

After receiving my "Magic Stick" from the Porta Bote Company, I thank Mr Sandy Kaye. Today I get this email which I just have to share. This blog and the Porta Bote seems to have a life all of its own. Through my writings about porta bote experiences my magic wand or stick has stirred the company's pot. Here is the latest addition: Sandy Kaye writes,

"Hi Hira,

Glad your "stick" arrived in time. It should make quite a difference. Although, I want to note that the more the Bote is opened, the easier it gets (not as easy as the new design, but a lot easier then before).

The rather funny story of the owner who was "permanently trapped" in his boat caused me to try an experiment. Our staff found a 68 year old Porta-Bote owner who lived nearby and owns a 10+ year old Bote. They offered him a free dinner for him and his wife of 35 years if he would help us with an "experiment".

Yep, we wanted to try to replicate what was written by the other owner. He agreed (great attitude). He brought his boat to our nearby outboard motor warehouse and proceeded to open it. When it was opened enough he "climbed into it" and let the sides envelope him as completely as possible.head to toe.

Then we asked him to try to get out. He is about 5'8" tall and they estimate he weighs about 160 pounds.
He pushed open the sides, stuck one leg out, then the other leg. Then he "rolled" out (slowly). A FREE man again. Cheers went up from the admiring staff and he called us a couple days later to tell us how much he enjoyed taking his wife out to the local Red Lobster restaurant! (We had a gift card for that great eatery).
I felt somewhat better after this non-scientific test was finished successfully. Just couldn't figure out how a person of normal strength could have been "permanently" trapped in a 10 year+ old boat.

Have a great trip, Hira and thanks for keeping me in your "Blog Loop".

Well Sandy, I'm sure that the test boat wasn't new boat with old hinges and in a truck traveling in winter weather for several days. Did your testee have sweaty socks on?  While the standards weren't the same, I'm glad you and your company is having fun and the testee and his wife got a free dinner and I got a free magic stick.

I'm heading for the San Juan Islands and Pashmina 2 is going to be locked up in the open position in the garage for a month to cure her hinges, before I tackle moving her to her new berth.