Monday, August 29, 2011

La Conner to Lummi Island

27 Aug 11 Saturday

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon re-tuning my radar. I haven't been happy with its performance since being in the Sound. With the new calibration, I depart at a foggy 0700 hrs and, quickly see all the channels markers showing up as bleeps on the radar screen. The tide is ebbing and both sides of the channel are bearing mud flats. Hundreds of birds are enjoying their breakfast.

Did I Mention that the channel was narrow?

Road to Fidalgo Island-Anacortes

Once out of the flats, I'm heading to Lummi Island to meet one of my faceless blog readers(FBR). I'll refer to her as FBR from here on out. At 0930 hrs, I am at the edge of a large fog bank and cannot see any islands, like Lummi, Orcas, or Sinclair. I call FBR and she can see some clearing in Legoe Bay. I move into the fog bank and pick up Lummi Rocks to starboard on the radar, Not long after I see a radar blip a quarter of a mile to port and minutes later a large sight seeing boat is in sight. Glad to have taken the time to re-calibrate the radar. She is working like a gem. This and the chartplotter have taken the unknown out of the equation and I proceed with confidence.

Lummi Island

In the thick of the fog
Lummi Rocks to Starboard

Legoe Bay

I have some wind and following seas which make Legoe Bay pretty lumpy and not a place I want to try to anchor. My FBR says to go to the other side of the island where there is a private dock. The sun is out and the waters calm. We rendezvous and have a wonderful time meeting and sharing stories. Later her husband joins us and brings me fresh strawberries.

East Side of Lummi with Mt Baker

They have a freshly caught pink salmon at home that want to cook for me. They call friends to check how Legoe Bay is doing and she has quieted down. A friend of theirs who has a couple of buoys in the bay has offered me use of one for the night. FBR joins me on Shatoosh and we head for the Bay, while Hubby returns by car. We pass behind the famous Lummi Island Reef Fishing Boats. This sytem of reef fishing has been used by the Lummi Indians for hundreds of years. The boats are flat like barges and the nets are hung in the waters between them. They locate in this place each year as the fish make their way up to the Frazier River in BC. There is a large fish buying boat anchored off in the bay and at the end of each day they buy the fish. To learn more about this ancient system of salmon fishing just google it.

Reef Fishing Lummi Style

Mooring Lummi

Beautiful Sunset Legoe Bay

We have a wonderfully cooked dinner of salmon and fresh garden veggies at their lovely home. I return and row Pashmina back to Shatoosh as the setting sun makes for an idyllic scene. What a day this has been, fog, meeting new blog readers, home cooking and a buoy to tie too. I'm liking this Lummi Island.

Days run: 39nm