Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coon Island to Scappoose Moorage

23 September 2010: Thursday
The dock workers arrive at 0700hrs and fire up the generator, so I get up and fire up my alcohol stove and make some coffee. I can hear the cackling of the sandhill cranes across the way on Sauvie Isl. I slowly meander up the remaining 3 nm to the marina. It is drizzling and my Rain X is working like a charm.

I'm having another cup of coffee as my laundry is being done. I've discovered it is easier to do the boat stuff here as to hauling it back home and doing it. The less hauling is the goal.

I keep reflecting about the wonders of this decade of cruising has been. It started with such a simple idea, get a boat that is an older fiberglass one, with a diesel engine that I can run and jump on and go anywhere. Within a week I had my boat and was cruising out of the San Rafael creek to the Napa River Marina. After getting my sea legs and running Shatoosh on a sand bar, my twin Jean and I headed back down to the SF Bay to do a December winter cruise, in which, we had glorious sunny days and went out under the Golden Gate Bridge to Point Bonitas Buoy, and looked up and down the coast.

Hira's Rules of the Road: Have a dream, create obtainable goals, have a plan of action, and relish in the fruits of your endeavors. Don't get caught up in the quagmire of "what if's". Those fear mongering, "what if's" will stop you in your tracks, sabotage your goals, and dissolve your dreams. All I can say, it has been a fabulous ride on an unforgetable boat.

Do You Have a Dream? Are you making it happen?

Total miles December 1999 to present: 5618nm