Monday, September 13, 2010

Cathlamet and Steamboat Slough

12September 2010: Sunday

Russ and Marsha join me and Baxter, the dog, also gets in on the fun.

We pull out at 1030 hrs with some sun shine. We turn down river and head for Steamboat Slough, which is a beautiful little slough behind
Price Island. We are on a the tail end of an ebbing tide and there is 10 feet of water at the upriver entrance, but then deepens as we get deeper inside. 8 Vultures are busy eating something on the shore. A great blue is fishing along the shoreline. A broken down floating house and fish tank has seen its last days and a falling tree is about to land on the roof.

We come up on a beautiful home, garden, and boat dock.This is an ideal place to live. We all start dreaming of owning it and have our boats tied up to the dock.

Russ and Marsha enjoy being at the helm.
Today, is not the day to exit the slough on the down river side. I take the helm as it looks like another rippling scenario of the sand bars totally crossing the entrance. I pull back out, as the depth sounder is at 4,3,2 feet. Marsha takes the helm and follows our track back course back to the marina. We have had such a wonderful time together.  Later in the day, Russ calls from the grocery store, I give him my list, and he buys and delivers them to my boat and ''no, I can't pay him for the groceries'.  This is a first for me, but it was a first for him to get a ride in an Albin. What a lovely couple and what a delightful day.

Day's run: 11.1nm
Total Run: 66.7nm