Saturday, October 2, 2010

Planning Summer Passage 2011

Yesterday, 1 October 2010, I drove over to visit some harbors for next summer's journey up the Washington Coast. My first stop was La Push, Wa, which has a small harbor, numerous small islands which are near the entrance and a bar at the mouth of the Quileute River. There were bar restriction with the southery wind and breaking waves at the mouth. Getting to see it under restricted conditions is sobering, to say the least, but places the importance of timing and waiting out the weather, paramount.

I was able to speak with the Coast Guard at their La Push Station and also with the harbor master. All information was helpful and I am deciding on their information and the tide tables, that June would be a good month.,

I then drove over to Neah Bay, which is "around the NW corner of the state". The weather calm, seas flat and conditions that I love. The other time I sailed into here was in 1982 after Sabra, Jean, Mike and I had crossed from Hawaii. There is a large marina here now with several protecting jetties for breakwaters.

I logged over 400 miles and averaged 58 mpg on my car and it was a long day, but well worth the trip. I am gathering enough information to make sound, safe decisions about making this trip.  Yes, I know, I could put Shatoosh on a truck,again, and make the 80 mile trip up I-5 and have her in the South Sound in a couple of hours. But, the spirit of adventure looms large in my life...and the sea is calling.