Monday, September 13, 2010

Astoria With Sun

13 September 2010: Monday

After a quick pump out of the head, I'm off at 0820 hrs. The fuel dock opens at 0900, but I have enough fuel to get me to Astoria and if I leave now I will still make it to Astoria on the ebbing tide. The seas are calm, no wind and there are already sun breaks. I see some fishing boats off in the distance, but no other boats around. I own the river, all alone seeing this gorgeous scenery, watching the birds fly and feeling very safe in the warm cockpit.

My speed is well over 8k and I slow down to take a photo of Pillar Rock, where Lewis and Clark stayed on shore.

At 1045 I am approaching Tongue point and there are 7 Ships anchored; hailing from Valletta-Malta, Switzerland, Panama, and Monrovia. As I approach the Astoria Bridge I am cruising at 8.9k and the sun is breaking through the clouds, creating a nice blue check mark for me to precede forward. The tide is still ebbing. My timing perfect.

I begin my approach to the West Mooring Basin and maneuver my way through the breakwater entry and tie up to the fuel dock at 1110hrs. A handsome white headed man is excitedly approaching me wanting to know all about my boat. He is familiar with Albins from seeing them in Florida along the Intracoastal Waterway.(ICW). We talk for a long time and he tells me he is selling his Gulf 32. Wow, I want to go see that!

Janet, the harbormaster, is helpful. I get 12 gallons of fuel, pick out whatever slip I want on the guest dock, hook up my power. Fill 2 gallons in my empty water jugs, and 1 gallon in my solar shower. Boy, there are some interesting boats here. I see Stormy, the Fisher 30, I looked at last year. They have done alot of work on her and she is looking much better.

Late afternoon, I walk over to take a peek at the Gulf 32. Gosh what a beautiful boat. Scott and Barbara own her and have done a beautiful job of taking care of her. We have lots of Hawaii in common and spend time sharing stories. Later they come to Shatoosh, so Barb can see her. They both just love Albins.

I might have to hang around another day.
Days run: 23.1nm
Total run: 89.8nm