Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My Downriver Cruise

7 September 2010: Tuesday

I finally get off after several delays this morning, but rain is putting a damper on my efforts to resupply the stores on Shatoosh. Everything will have to wait to see what the morning weather brings.

8 September 2010: Wednesday
The early morning looks very promising, the weather report supports progressively sunning over the next 10 days. The stores are packed, the boat washed off, the water tank filled. Ann, my crew is unable to come aboard at the last minute and my other crew stated he could not fly out because of medical appointments.
So I am crew-less on the Columbia  and headed for the open mouth of the pacific ocean. Wish me fair winds and following seas.

I really got a late start at 1500hrs, got rained on a couple of times, and the seas were dead calm, in spite of the storms. The storms have passed and at 1800hrs I'm tied up to the dock in Martin slough watching the skies turn blue and the sun shining. I passed a large carrier vessel from Panama, the Mercury Leader. Saw lots of sturgeon rolling, the Western Grebes are back, there are still some young ospreys in the nests, but most of the young have fledged. I spot a few changes in the colors, which is early this year. The tides will be in my favor tomorrow. I try not to get a reflection in my pictures, but I rather like this one.
Days run:17nm

My new knife and scabbard that Too Tall gave me seems to have found a home on the port side, nestled
nicely within the grab bar. If needed quickly, it can easily be grabbed.

A Nice Evening