Friday, September 17, 2010

More Rain

17 September 2010: Friday

Yesterday, I solved the problem of rain accumulating in the tarp on Pashmina. I extended the handle on my boat brush and ran it under the tarp on top of the fore and aft ends of the dinghy and secured it to the transom. Then refastened the tarp over it. Now, the rain runs off both sides and can no longer pool. Clever solution.

This front wants to stay and rain is predicted all next week. I will probably stay another night to sync my return up river with the flooding tide and return to Cathlamet. The wind shifted during the night to Easterlies, which means it is coming down the channel and with the tide ebbing, it would be a slow rough ride back up river. At noon there is a break in the rain and the skies are lightening up, however I am staying another night and will leave at the crack of dawn. If the ride is too bad then I'll duck into some of the smaller channels and meander upriver with the flooding tide through the numerous islands.

Take a look at the wind for yesterday and today in Astoria.

Margaret from Storm Bay returns with an armload of paper charts that they want to get rid of and I, too, have found my old northern California cruising guide that I donate to Storm Bay. We are both so happy with the transfer of charts. She loves Shatoosh and has a few minutes to check their emails. I look forward to keeping up with their journeys and hope the best for their travels.

Johanna who just sold her Albin, Lit'l Bit, emailed and congratulated me for passing my bar exam. I put a photo of the Columbia River Bar on my desktop and now qualify as a bar captain. Looking from the ocean the north jetty is to the left, the south jetty to the right. Ilwaco,Wa to the left and Astoria, Or to the right.

I've been crossing paths with this Nordic Tug from Santa Barbara, named Forevergreen, ever since Cathlamet. They carry 2 folding bikes on the cabin top.

Its 2100hrs and the wind has picked up, and Shatoosh is being bounced around in the slip, so I go online to the wind site and see what is happening oustside my warm bunk. The wind has shifted around from the east to the southwest with gusts over 20k.
I'm off to sleep so I can rise bright-eyed and be ready for whatever the day brings my way. One thing is for certain, the tide will be flooding, and I am grateful for that.