Thursday, September 16, 2010

Astoria: A Wet Time

16 September 2010 Thursday
Its about 0930, the rain has subsided enough to get outside and check how much rain has accumulated on the tarp over Pashmina. Gallons have filled the tarp so I start rocking the boat from side to side allowing the water to spill over the gunnels and out on to the dock.. It reminds me of the spillways on the dams.
I happen to look up and a lady is looking at me with an umbrella. She is Margaret from the Storm Bay and has come over with an invitation for coffee and brownies at 1030. I show up and meet the Captain, Chris, who greets with with a strong aussie accent. I tell him I've been smelling brownies for half the length of the dock. I stow my wet shoes and foul weather jacket outside and climb down the ladder to a wonderful neat and warm cabin.

Again, its like ole friends. meeting after years apart. Their journey has taken them from Australia, up the pacific rim to Japan where they cruised for 18 months, on to Korea, over to the Aleutian Islands, down the inland passage to Vancouver, Seattle and now Astoria.They are also making bread which is resting on the satee under several fleece jackets and on top of 2 hot water bottles. It is always interesting how people make things happen. I listen, intently, to all their stories, all the long nights at sea, making landfalls in foreign ports. Its all part of the call of the wild and the draw of the sea. It is not easy, but they are making it happen. They took a look at the photos I had taken yesterday, and am sending them. Margaret liked the one of them coming up on the Astoria Bridge. Tomorrow they will come over to Shatoosh and see her and then see the Maritime Museum. They give me some of their cruising guides for B.C., so they can lighten their load. What a delightful couple.

They don't blog but one can keep up with their travels by googling Yotreps and click on recent reports and scrolling to the bottom of the list for their call sign VJT 3060 and Storm Bay