Monday, September 20, 2010

More With Zach and Bob

20 September 2010 Monday
The guys are departing this morning and heading to Rainier up river. But before all that we have coffee on the dock, but have to move under cover on the Viola Helen due to rain. For the last few days my engine clock has been flickering and yesterday I couldn't read it. Zach investigated it this morning and it looks like I might need a new one which is part of the tachometer, which might be costly. Otherwise, I could get a less expensive separate unit. I'll see what the volvo people say.

We look at Bob's hardtop and which might even be an option for an Albin 25.

It turns out that Bob is the harbormaster of the Skipanon River Marina, where Zach keeps his boat and which is next door to the Warrenton Boat Yard. It might work well for me to get my swim platform put on and then wait the weather out next summer from Skipanon to head for the bar crossing and my trip north. Something very interesting to consider. 

Zach shows me how he puts the Portland Pudgy on board. Uses a block and tackle to pull her up, then pivots her around on to her nesting spaces. Very easy and very clever.

Off they go up river. Have fun you guys. I'm staying at Walker Island today, and with all these rain squawls passing over, I'm going to go and dig out my bottle of RainX.