Thursday, May 27, 2010

A New Albin Owner in Sweden

Hi Hira.

My wife and I began dreaming about buying a motorboat less than a month ago and this past weekend we bought an Albin 25 - just like that! And when browsing the Internet for more info on the old classic Swedish boat I came across your wonderful blog and have spent quite some time reading about your adventures on Shatoosh.
We are planning for our first weekend trip as we speak and hope that our 1975-model will behave well. We have been paddling sea kayaks for many years so this is our first motor boat. And since we are used to paddling speeds like 1 knot we are very happy with the 7-8 knots that our Albin is doing.

Med vänlig hälsning
Bjørn Aadnøy
Gråkullevägen 75, 444 47 STENUNGSUND, Sweden

Isn't this wonderful? Our little Albins certainly impact our lives and give us such great adventures. Good cruising to you Bjorn and it is always nice to know the blog is creating its magic worldwide. Thank you everyone who reads and enjoys it.