Saturday, May 22, 2010

Double Digit Count Down

My countdown to the Snake is in double digits: 22 days until haulout. The rain squalls continue throughout the day and night, but this doesn't deter me from moving through my To-Do List.
I go through my engine very carefully checking everything from hose clamps, fluids, belts, looking for leaks, wear, etc. My Volvo MD 2030 B is looking good and now has over 1500 hrs. When I bought Shatoosh the new engine had 50 hrs on her. She is as clean as the day I got her.

My new house batteries are working well. I checked the charge on my emergency starting battery and it is up to par.

I have 3 different sizes of anchors and rode on board, so decide to take the lunch hook and rode as a back up system and will also take the 3rd rode, just in case. You can always use an extra line. I vacuumed all the dirt out of the carpets, nooks and crannies. Cleaned the icebox and frig. Removed the stove and cleaned it.
Prepared the aft cabin for Ann, my Snake River Crew, caulked the leaky windows,

I've been in contact with my old buddy, Too Tall Tom, and he is almost convinced to trailer his little Arima 16 footer up from California and follow along with us. It would be delightful to have him and he is so funny that it would take all the seriousness out of me. Hope he comes. Too Tall trailered Shatoosh up to the Columbia for me when he had an Albin 25 and trailer. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Oh, by the way, everyone calls him Too Tall, as he is 6 ft. 5 in. I laugh to myself when I think of him sleeping in a 16 foot boat. If he comes I'll be sure to take a picture of this.

Long after I have secured the boat for the evening, my heater is on and the v berths nice and cozy, I hear a loud barking coming close to the boat, then moving away. This has gone on for several hours, so as the sound returns to the stern, I throw some clothes on, get my light and jump onto the dock. Sure enough it is a huge sea lion, swimming back and forth, snorting for a new breath and barking his head off. This is the first time I have even seen them in the marina. Don't you just love all this wildlife?