Thursday, May 20, 2010

Numerous Line Squalls Bring Change to Our Schedule

Tuesday 18 May 2010
2 Bulls On Shore--2 Taurus' On Shatoosh

We have a leisurely morning with numerous rain showers. We watch the Great Blue Heron as he ambles down the dock towards us and the 2 bulls show up in the meadow, spending quite some time head butting each other. Noaa states  scattered showers throughout the day, but clearing some in the afternoon. We depart at 1230 hrs, but by the time we are on the Columbia there is a downpour; the tide is ebbing, the wind and the current are on our bow. Despite all this the river is pretty flat. We make our way over to pass Goat Island on our starboard side, but with the blinding rain we can hardly see anything. We are barely making 5 knots. By the time we clear Goat Island on our stern the weather clears and we see many Ospreys, a few Canada Geese. All the ospreys are making nests and mothers are sitting on her egg/eggs. We make Saint Helens at 1400 hrs, and have clear skies again. Carol is quite the hiker/walker so she heads up the road to get a few supplies at the local grocery store, after we visit a few of the remaining shops in town. I get a latte at the art gallery and return to Shatoosh to do a few chores. The new tarp covering Pashmina is full of water, so I dump that, retie the ropes, and carry all the trash in the dumpster on shore. I play with the sea clear program until Carol returns. It is looking like another squall is coming through, so we untie the dock lines and head towards our next destination of Coon Island. We take delight in seeing the kingfishers along the slough, the water Irsis' in bloom next to logs, pink rose vines in the trees and of course, the osprey and eagles flying overhead. At 1715, we arrive at Coon Island with another rain break. We hike the island and I share with Carol all the beaver activity and their felled trees. We even find a trail along the steep west side that they have been using to gain access to the island. The pink roses are on the island and we enjoy the sweet, gentle fragrance. We have decided to spend the night at the marina, under cover and out of the rain for tonight. We are secure in my covered slip at 1900 hrs, have a wonderful dinner with after dinner conversations and head to our bunks earlier than usual. I give Carol the down bag as she was cold the previous night. What a wonderful day in spite of all the squalls. We were able to forage out some sun breaks to see some unique back river habitat/communities and Carol got some walking in, which she loves.
Days run: 19.8 nm
Total Run: 40.7 nm