Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back In the Saddle Again

Thursday 13 May 10:
After a very quick turn around at my casa, I'm back on board with 2 new auxillary batteries installed. Mind you this job is not for the feeble boater.The multnomah channel is a slough which is diked on both sides at the height of about 30 feet and at any given moment the ramp coming down to the dock is a drop of 20 feet at the minimum. I made 2 trips down with the new batteries and 2 trips up with the old batteries, plus all the lugging in and out of the battery compartment and on and off the boat, up and down the docks, in and out of the car....are you getting the picture? Did I mention each battery weighs 50 pounds? In the morning, if my biceps aren't screaming in spasm, I'll get to drive back into Portland, haul the old batteries into the store for a $ 20.00 refund. Boating is such fun.