Friday, May 14, 2010

Coon Island Bonanza

14 May 2010 Friday

With my bulging biceps I pull myself up on the bunk. Glorious blue sky welcomes me, as I swing open the cabin door. With the coffee water on, I check the weather for the weekend and it looks like today will be the best day. Rather than heading for Portland and dropping off batteries, I change gears, go to the grocery and pick up a few items and cast off the dock lines.

The Ladies Cruise-In will be at Coon Island, so might as well head down river and see what is happening. They are expecting several boats from all over the region; sail and power boats with a theme of Your Favorite Destination. They have a big weekend planned with all kinds of activities. All the women have to skipper their boats and no husbands are allowed. All the women handled their boats well even with the swift currents and ebbing tide.

I spotted another boat with old friends on board. Boots and Patti on their Tolleycraft, the Patti Sue. I have passed them often over the years but haven't been close enough to carry on a conversation. This is a real treat for me to get to chat with them.

The day went fast with lots of boat traffic, lots of visiting and it was a pleasure to see so many women at the helm. I hope they get to do it more than one day a year. There is something special about owning your own boat and I certainly hope that all women who boat with their husbands learn to handle their boats by themselves. As one lady said today, as she docked her boat for the first time, that she felt really empowered. Good for her.