Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pashmina Goes Beddy-Bye

After last night with the Sea Lion looking for salmon, my dock neighbors were bright eyed and bushy tailed awakening me at 0530 hrs. They were weigh-laid a bit as they had to pull large pieces of wood from their jet pump drive. I had noticed it last week after they were out and thought it funny they didn't tend to it. Then a few minutes after they had arrived and gotten things stowed I heard, " Holy S..t". I sat up in bed and saw them turning the boat around in the slip where for 30 minutes they extricated the wood pieces. Off they went in search of the salmon.

Pashmina gets stowed on the cabin trunk for a while, as we will put her in the cockpit when traveling up to Clarkston, Wa. I didn't take the floor slats out, so it is rather bulky.