Thursday, June 7, 2012

Rain Delay at Blake Island

7 June 2012 Thursday

Raining early in the morning makes me make a decision before crawling out of my bunk. Too Tall agrees to stay put. With agreement made I start the coffee and have a leisurely morning. We note that it is as cold here as it is in Stockholm Sweden. I had gotten an email form a blog reader in Sweden who owns an Albin 25. So for the second day in a row the diesel heater goes on and runs most of the morning. A mug of fresh dripped coffee, a warm boat and a good friend makes nasty weather seem delightful. We find that we both think a rather funny TV program is The Big Bang Theory.

We meander up to the Village as 400 school children arrive from Seattle on an early sailing and discover that later we can buy some clam nectar on the side about 1230. I can't get enough of this Indian art and today the wood carver, Ed  is here. Too Tall is intrigued and most interested in his curved blade. I show him my knife that Too Tall gave after the Snake River trip. Ed takes it and runs the blade on the buffer to spruce it up a bit for me. Everyone is so helpful and friendly.
Entrance to Marina


Wood Carver 

Totem on Long House

After lunch the rain break is short lived and a down pour starts as we are emptying Pashmina of all the rain water. She has gotten rinsed out and I wipe off the hull. We leave her over turned on the dock for the rest of the day and night tonight, so she will be fresh to use tomorrow. Several other sailboats arrive and dock.
The sun pops out but after speaking with a Gig Harbor friend we plan to stay put for the remainder of this day.
Restoration Point off in the Distance

Clam Nectar

This book looks interesting

Cedar spilt shaft with iron wood cross pieces

Too Tall  wrestles a grizzly

Interesting Door Handles

Pashmina gets a clean bill of health