Friday, June 22, 2012

Albin 25 Stockholm Maritime Museum.

Recently,  I received an email from an Albin25 owner in Sweden and a friend had visited the Maritime Museum in Stockholm. He shares:
Hi Hira.

My good friend Stefan spent a couple of days in Stockholm and dropped by at the Maritime Museum. The Albin 25 is as years go by more and more considered to be The Classic family friendly motor boat and has earned a spot in the museum´s collection of Swedish boats. The pictures shows the exterior and interior of a 99% original Albin 25 – alongside with one of the Royal Swedish wooden-and-golden beauties.

Thought this might be something for your blog…

(Pictures: Stefan Jonsson)

With kind regards,

Bjørn Aadnøy

Thanks Bjorn for sharing. This is special to be able to see an older Albin 25, but to see how it is honored in Sweden.