Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lay Over at Blake Island

6 June 2012 Wednesday
Too Tall hikes the island and Hira awaits the Carylyn's departure.Later we do note that the rub rail on Pashmina's  starboard side is popped off, but easily repaired.

The Tillicum Village is not on full schedule so we lay over a day so we can experience the wonderful salmon bake and  multi visual program about the Salish Indians. The ancient voices of the past reply as we call forth all our ancestors to join the celebration.

Lt Peter Puget dresses for dinner

Lots of uses of cedar

Cedar Basket and rope

Mask and Trading Beads

Trading beads

Side Dishes of Rice and A Stew of Bison, Beef and Venison Meat

Too Tall says yum yum to the stew.
Lt Puget says I'll pass

Lt Puget Meets his first Indian on Blake

Clam nectar is drank as a toast

Lt Puget enjoys the dancers with their elaborate head dresses.

A Powerful Presence

Seattle evening lights at high tide


What a great beginning and what fun we are having.