Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shatoosh Day 2: Penrose St Park, Cutts Island, Alarm Cove

9  June 2012 Saturday Day 2

We had a quiet night and the weather forecast did not look good Small Craft warnings in the afternoon for 25 mph. Since the morning looked good we departed at 0800 hrs and headed for Cutts Island. Puget called it Crow Island for the many tasty birds they ate. We had a nice run over to it and picked up a buoy at 0840 hrs. The wind was blowing some, but Hira went ashore in Pashmina and walked the perimeter of the island. The wind had picked up quite a bit but Pashmina was easy to row against the wind and waves.

The crows were crowing and sweet song birds were singing their hearts out. Many harbor seals were out on the spit when we arrived but took to the waters. Many ocean birds and sandpipers were around the island.

We departed the island at 1040 hrs and decided because of the increased wind and waves we would shorten the exploration of Carr inlet and focus on Alarm Cove area which was an important day for Puget. Von Geldern Cove today is a lovely spot with nice, simple homes on it. We could see the back of the cove where they seined for fish and possibly where the Indian encounter took place.
Alarm Cove

We returned to Penrose Park and redocked in last night's location. The sun shown all afternoon but the wind really blew. Too Tall put more Rain X on the windows, fixed my pot lid, and cut me a nice bailer for Pashmina.

We met many people on the dock and had a lovely windy day. We both washed our hair using warm solar water and it was blow dryed in minutes.We pretended to eat crow balls tonight and both of us thought them to be very tasty. We end our day behind Pugets day but the weather looks as though we can catch up tomorrow.

Cutts Island

Hira rows ashore to Cutt's Island

Cutts Island looking toward Raft Island

Sand Collar

Madrona named by Menzies

Sandstone Bluff on Cutts

Erratic on Windward shore

Cutts windward shore

Penrose State Park

Washing hair on dock

Mock Crow MeatBalls

Day's run 10.8nm
Total: 79.1nm