Monday, June 18, 2012

Gig Harbor to Zittel's Marina My Final Leg

17 June 2012 Sunday
I've had some to time to visit with friends in Gig Harbor and run across some boats I have met in other places. A long cruise a home was docked in front of me and was departing ahead of me. So I had moved Shatoosh farther down the dock to give him more room. There were about 5 people helping the older man and his wife. He would have to exit and turn the boat around in a narrow area and I wanted to be there as it looked as if problems would arise with the breeze blowing. I was right. The skipper put the boat in forwards then proceeded to be looking down and apparently not aware that he was in gear and headed straight for Shatoosh. The line handlers, and 5 people including myself were yelling as loud as we could, telling him to stop. Finally in the nik of time he looked up and shocked to see what was about to happen he got the boat in neutral before hitting Shatoosh. That was close.

I pumped out the head and was on my way at 1030 to get to the Narrows in time for the tide to change to flood. The south westerly wind would be on my nose, I was towing Pashmina and she was riding well. Off Fox Island we hit some pretty big tidal rips which got me to a standing position for a few minutes.

A coast guard Rib came flying past me, but didn't board me and later off Anderson Island he boarded a 45 footer heading north and then flew past me again. I was happy as I didn't want to be boarded in this wind. I have only been boarded once by the CG, and stopped last year by Customs.

I tied up in my slip at 1330hrs. Put Pashmina on the swim platform and continued to ponder a way to keep her secure on it. Of course, the ideal solution is to attach weaver davits, however with her flexible sides I do not think that would be possible.With Pashmina the Zodiac, my motto was always Stow Rather Than Tow and now with Pashmina 2, my motto is Tow Rather than Stow.

Day's run 18nm
Total Trip: 230nm

Day 1 Blake to Penrose

Day 2 Penrose to Cutts, Alarm Bay to Penrose

Day 3 Penrose to Jarrell's Cove

Day 4 Jarrel's Cove thru Totten, Eld and Budd inlets

Day 5 Budd inlet to Blake via Restoration Point

Continuation of Day 5

Day 6 Blake to Gig Harbor

Day 7 Gig to Zittel's Marina Johnson Point