Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 5 Peter Puget- Case Inlet to Pickering Passage

24 May 1792, Thursday- Day 5: Case Inlet--Wednesday-Herron Island to Continental Shore across from Harstene Island.

With improved weather, they set out early from Wednesday- Herron Island  and by 0800 hrs they had reached the termination of Case Inlet, took time to seine for salmon and caught one. They continued rowing down Pickering Passage all day until 1800hrs where they made camp on the western continental shore across from Harstene Island. This campsite is another confusing location. However, it is said they could see the passage between Harstene and Squaxin Islands from this campsite.This would put them near the Harstene Island  Bridge at a small cove at Graham Point.

Day’s Run: abt 16nm
Total Run: 85nm