Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hope Island Again

20, 21June 2012 Wednesday/Thursday

The sun is shinning, summer is today and I return to do some cleaning on Shatoosh. I'm making headway on clean up duty and securing my new Bruce anchor Too Tall Tom gave me out of his truckload of goodies. I actually got 2 foot lockers full of things. Summer may last all day but Christmas is early.

As I left the marina and looked backwards to starboard, there she was...Mt Rainier. It always takes your breath away. The tide was flooding and I made the 8nm in 65 minutes.

Last summer the owners of MV Viking Star met me in Bellingham, Wa on the dock. They were FBR(faceless blog readers) and were living aboard full time and without a home, car and permanent marina. Al and Kristi have a blog about their cruising life style. see link below. I called them to see their location in the South Sound and found they were on Hope Island State Park, only 8 nm from me. In the afternoon I headed down and buoyed up next to them. We had a wonderful dinner and chat and caught up on lots of topics.

The night was calm, the morning was still in the 40's but sunny. Hum, 2 days of summer, so I bravely put on my shorts, but keep on my turtleneck long sleeved shirt. After coffee and almonds, I continue with cleaning chores and depart on the ebbing tide. I stop by the Viking Star to say goodbye.

Perfect timing; down sound with the flood, up sound with the ebb. With Pashmina in tow, we pull into the marina area in 1 hr. I want to investigate  a small inlet so come in close to 7 feet of water. While houses are on the high ridge there is a small canyon up the creek area without  homes. Out of the creek area a mother doe and twin fawns emerge, quietly and gently, as they explore the beach area. I get a call that a good friend has passed away. She was a great lover of nature, so I sat in this peaceful scene, just as my friend would have loved and said farewell.