Monday, August 13, 2012

Totten to Budd Inlet


Yesterday evening the sky had wisps of pink mare's tails which made me weigh my light anchor and switch to my main anchor. After dark a slight East breeze came in for several hours making for a bouncy ride.
My morning was clear and as I was cleaning and moving my little igloo ice chest a face appeared looking very sad to leave Totten Inlet. I have owned this ice chest for 12 years now and have never seen this face in the lid.

The blue circle and dot shows where I was anchored. Little Skookum in the thin waterway at the top of the picture

I check out another interesting anchorage just north of where I was and it is isolated. Looks good for another
place to seek solitude.

I am in the Capitol City of Olympia, Washington tonight in the hustle and bustle of city life and can see the dome of the capitol from my forepeak bunk. I treated myself to a nice dinner and had fun taking some pictures from the cockpit. There is only one other boat on the guest dock and it is a Surf Scooter design by Sam Devilan. I will get a photo of her tomorrow.

I ventured into new territory as I entered Budd inlet today opting to explore the eastern side which I have never done. I ran across a very large group of canoeists headed to Olympia and boy were they energetic.

I read about a small but busy Burfoot County Park with over a 1,000 feet of shoreline, parks and trails. The tide was flooding and while my lunch anchor was handy on the aft cabin, I dropped her over in 8 feet of water and when enough line paid out I cleated her off and we came to good anchor set.
A beautiful setting for a lunch stop.

After an hour I moved farther south along the eastern side of Budd and came across a lovely cove, called Gull Harbor. I arrived just as the flood was beginning to fill the lagoon. I again anchored in 11 ft of water.I decided to launch Pashmina off the swim platform and some people came onto the beach. I rowed over to ask the status of this land lagoon and they said it was private. Pashmina and I had igloo faces on as we sure wanted to go ashore here. It is so lovely. Well, we can still come and anchor and just south of this land is more county land that is not developed.

I was tied to the dock by 1630 hrs and had traveled 15.5 delightful nm. What a peaceful, tranquil day/days I have had. As I went to dinner I passed an art gallery and there was a stunning mural on the outside of a classic Japanese print. It turns out this is the store, Mary, my friend who I am meeting tomorrow shows her paintings.

My view from my bunk in the forepeak.

Total 42.6nm