Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hope Island and Starfish

I am going to combine several visits to Hope Island to save time in posting. Hope Island is a good jumping off place for exploring the southern inlets of Hammersely, Totten, Eld and Budd. It is always interesting to me that no matter how many times one visits and island it is different and one leaves with a whole new perspective of the island. The different sides of an island has different beaches, different marine life and different energy. I walk Pashmina along the shoreline on the east side for the first time and revel in all the starfish that are there.

A large jellyfish comes floating by Shatoosh.

A few days before on my evening paddle I wanted to find a little beach to meditate and just around the bend I found a nice Zen Rock that someone had placed earlier in the low tide. I thanked them for doing this as it was just what I wanted.

Linda counts 76 rings

Linda and her short walking stick

Hira and her large walking stick

Otter skat in a tree trunk

Sunset at Hope
My friend, Linda joins me for 2 days and this is her first visit to Hope. We have a relaxing time and enjoy exploring Hope.

The wind really picked up during the night and by 2300 hrs it was blowing 20-25 k. I woke Linda up to help me put on an extra line to the buoy. The wind let up about 0200 hrs. It seems as though it is a trend, nightly south westerlies. Hope is so exposed to the SE and the SW winds. Our last night there was as calm as could be. Better to be safe and have peace of mind.

Linda is such a great being and gardener so she supplied some really wonderful items from her garden. We ate well for 2 days. Thanks Linda for joining me and bringing all those fresh veggies and fish.