Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Boston Harbor

I drop Linda off at Boston Harbor which is a small family owned marina. As we are coming into the marina area I see another famous boat that I had overlooked.

Kea was owned by Sam McKinney. I first learned about him from Capt Dan of the WhiskyJack while on the Columbia River. Sam has written several books about the Columbia River and his cruising adventures. Recently I read his book about Cruising Vancouver's Routes in the pacific Northwest. It was there I learned he kept his boat Kea in Boston Harbor. I wanted to meet him and learned that he had died a short time ago.

I walked the docks to take a look at her, as Sam had sailed in Puget's wake, as well as, Vancouver's. It looks as though the new owner is taking good care of her.

Well, I depart Boston Harbor and head back to my home marina. The tide is ebbing and Shatoosh kicks up her heels and we move along quite nicely at 9.5 knots. Linda learned what it means when we say its better to go with the flow, than to buck the tide.

I was out for about 11 days and traveled 101nm. As usual, I had a wonderful time and love living with nature on my door step. Life on board is simple, everything is in arm's reach, the sun greets you in the morning and says good bye at night. You slow down and move with the tides, taking delight in the littlest things and living on the crisp edge of mother nature. NO matter how seasoned you are, you are always learning and flexing your mental and physical muscles to deal with the elements and problem solving. You are always in the moment, mother nature forces you to be there and you have no other choice. Be present and you become wise. Day dreaming is for land, but when we get to sea we have to be present and in the moment. Mother nature shows us we have little wiggle room.