Friday, August 31, 2012

Christening of Dreamspeaker's New Dodger and Sail Cover

I had another opportunity to visit with Dreamspeaker on Sunday while they were in Gig Harbor. Anne and Laurence Yeadon-Jones were celebrating their new Dodger and Sail cover. They were tickled pink with the craftsmanship and service of Randy, of Randy's Boat Tops in Olympia, Washington.

A Little Bubbly to Christen her: Dream Dodger

Soon afterwards, they departed and will continue to criss-cross Puget Sound in a northerly direction to speak to boating organizations and community groups about getting businesses on board for participation in their new Puget Sound Cruising Guide, which will be available next year.

Anne and Laurence are a lovely couple providing a wonderful service for the international boating communities of British Columbia and the United States. They confidently guide boaters through the maize of British Columbia and San Juan Islands and now the Puget Sounders will have their own guide to bring focus and clarity into Peter Puget's Sound of inlets and islands. I have been made a member of their team and given a Dreamspeaker cap.

It has been wonderful to meet them after years of reading their articles and seeing their drawings of different locations in BC. I hope to meet them again and again next summer as Shatoosh, Pashmina and I venture north into Canadian Waters. I look forward to your new Cruising Guide.

I have posted a permanent link to their website at the bottom of my blog. Please, order your guides from their website as it will be cheaper and you can get an autographed copy.