Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rendezvous With Viking Star

I spent the night at McMicken Island after leaving Eagle Island with plans of joining up with the Viking Star. They had spent the night at Jarrell's Cove, so we converged courses in the northern section of Pickering Passage and headed for the small dock at Allyn. The tide was at the beginning to ebb and the waters are shallow in upper Case inlet. 
Viking Star

Shatoosh and Pashmina Along Side of Viking Star
Photo by Kristi

After docking we amble into the small town and grab a famous burger at Big Bubbas.The highlight for me was the chain saw art work and school. My favorite is the bears sitting around the campfire roasting marshmellows.

How cute is this?

Hira's new friends

A Young Man of the Sea

An Old Man of the Sea

The dock is rather run down, water and pumpout not working, so we decide to venture on, as a SE wind is picking up. I am taking role as lead boat so pull into Stretch Island to check out their buoys and sea conditions. The point keeps these buoys in flat water with a SE wind, so we decide to stay.

small lagoon on Stretch Isl St Park

A Clean Water Line

I take Al and Kristi ashore in Pashmina. This is her biggest load so far, but we make it to shore and back without problems. The state park in on a small point and they don't encourage walking on the beach on private property, so after beach coaming we head back to our boats and have an easy small meal, which hit the spot. We share favorite places we have gone in these waters and have a few in common. It is nice to share boating experiences with others who cruise many miles. Thanks Viking Star, I will try to get to Blake later this summer while you are the dock hosts.

Take a look at their blog, at blogs I follow, at the bottom of the page.

After they depart the next afternoon, I have a few hours to kill until I meet a friend at Fair Harbor Marina, so I clean the waterline. After visiting with my friend, I take off at 1700 hrs. and go to Jarrell's Cove. I stop and pump out my holding tank and then take a nice space on the dock near a Ranger 25 Tug, named Hoku Kai. The couple was very nice and soon will be heading to Desolation Sound in BC, so it will be nice to hear about their trip.

This was a nice get together with some recent and new friends. I look forward to meeting more local boaters.