Friday, July 27, 2012

Grandparents and Boating

I am still writing about my time on Mc Mickin Island, but wanted to post a separate posting on the Yankee with Jim and Marcia. They had their 12 year old grand daughter with them. I had rowed over to see them that afternoon after they had arrived. Marcia and Emily were working on a project so I inquired about it.
They were drawing on pieces of driftwood. Then Marcia told me they use a magnifying glass to burn in the drawing. I was totally amazed. Hot Stuff.

Another favorite thing they do is buy bandana scarves, grommets, and fabric paint from Jo'Ann's Material Store. Each child paints what they want on their flag and then fly's it when under way. Grandmother Marcia likes for the children to write in a journal every day and depending on their ages have chores to do. This year Emily had to  make a meal,and pump up the inflatable kayaks. Emily showed me her journal which was filled with photos of the driftwood and the flags from when she was younger. Grandpa Jim was in charge of the boating and I watched them venture off in the dinghy and kayaks numerous times. It is wonderful that they    are devoting so much time to mold their grandchildren and are giving  them many varied adventures. They were returning this grand-daughter in another day and picking up 2 others for the next round. It was thrilling to see. They made quite an impression on me, so I'm hoping to meet them again.

Yankee at McMicken Island