Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I returned to Shatoosh yesterday afternoon as the new diesel mechanic was coming this morning at 0830 hrs. I had been trying to get an oil change scheduled in with another mechanic, however he seemed to function on some strange time schedule. After trying to deal with his, not compatible work ethic as mine, I gave up on him and grabbed the first opening with this other company. Boy, I am glad I switched. He was on time, organized, meticulous/clean and did a good job. Thanks Brian, out of Inlet Marine in Olympia. I will definitely use them again.

I put together my shelf in my storage locker and then was able to reorganize the area. It is always evolving, so it is in a trial period to see how I like the space. I can remove the shelf in an instant, if I have another idea.

After the mechanic left, I tackled installing the Hummingbird Depth Sounder and Fish Finder.
At this point, I was comparing readings, while I was at the dock with a minus tide, leaving  4 feet under me. I had placed the new transducer over the side in the location of the old one. Since I had never checked the old one for its accuracy, I tested the bottom with the boat hook and it was 5 feet. The old transducer is about a foot below the waterline.After prepping the inside hull area next to  the old sounder's thru hull fitting, I used  silicone on the transducer and got her set into place.

I will keep both up and running for a while. Right now I have the new one riding piggy back on the old one to save space. Everything went really well, however there was one glitch, that I am not happy about. While drilling the new holes for the routing of the 2 cables, oops, rolled off my tongue. I stared, stunned for a moment, as to what had happened. I was being very careful and working very close to another wire which is most dear to my heart. And that is my cable going from my usb adapter to my wiring for the gps/radar which controls the Sea Clear Nav Program.  Ho, um. the project list got a new item on it.