Friday, July 27, 2012

Layover at McMickin

25 July 2012 Wednesday

I am glad I rejoiced in having McMickin to myself because today was not a work day for people. The sky was cloudless, the sun shinning and I am forced to share this special island. The boats began to show up in the morning and I noticed Yankee, the Ranger from Jarrell's cove, coming in to get the last buoy.

I was involved in relocating my toilet paper roll and, as usual, when you move things it sets off a series of happenings. I have never been happy with where the previous owner had placed the TP Bracket. He rarely cruised her to far reaching destinations and at age 88 he usually day boated.  After 12 years of inconvenient reaching for it, today out of the blue, I move it. I don't think I had ever thought to move it. It has never been on my "to do" list. So then, I had to move my tooth brush holder, which caused the rim on the plexiglass shelf to become disconnected. My simple project now held me captive in the head area for over an hour. Now, I can easily reach the TP, but for the remainder of the trip I find myself, unconsciously reaching to the old spot.
My brain needs time to reorganize itself.

After that I decided I needed some fresh air, so Pashmina and I went for a row around the island. At the point, I spotted a very smart skiff coming in and they were waving at me.  It turns out we had spoken at Hope Island while they were kayaking. I was so impressed with their boat, green hulled, bristol brightwork. Steve and his wife, Jeannie were out for a day cruise. Steve had built the boat about 10 years ago and stated he had  revamped the bow line some last year. Take a look at this article about the design.

What a cute boat. Later, Steve wrote me an email and I share his kind comment about my blog, and adventures."Your adventures and careful way you go about your journeys are truly in the spirit of discovery.  Loved hearing your connections to Puget's explorations"
 Its comments like this that gives me great happiness knowing that my adventures and stories impact people's lives and brings them joy. Thanks Steve for the thoughtful note.

I continued around the island, stopping to talk with folks on a Grand Banks who had caught about 100 pounds of kelp on their anchor. What a mess that was. There were people swimming around the island, people playing freesby on the tombola and I stopped to take a close up the largest erratic rock on McMickin.