Friday, July 27, 2012

Jarrell's Cove to McMickin Island

Tuesday 24 July 2012
An interesting old wooden boat that I had seen in a Shelton boathouse pulls in with her new owner.
El Mistico

I depart and cruise around the north shore of Harstene Island and reach McMickin Island. I spot an interesting boat anchored near shore, so cruise by and speak briefly with the skipper. He built her out of marine plywood, she is 34 feet long and he trailers her. Last year he added the sails.There are 3 boats there but all depart leaving me with my favorite island all to my self.

The tide is ebbing and Pashmina is champing at the bit, so off we go to see what jewels we can find on the tombola(the land spit between Harstene and McMickin Islands). The sandollars look like gold doubloons and I feel as though I have found a buried treasure.

The purple ones are alive.
Today, I can walk from McMickin Island to Harstene Island on the tombola. This view is on my way back.
the white speck in the water, off to the left, is Shatoosh and Pashmina is hidden on the snaking tombola. 

These starfish remind me of my great nieces.
Georgia says she is a big girl now.

Flora was jumping with joy, as she played in the sprinkler.

There is nothing like an island, to play and have fun.