Friday, October 21, 2011

A New Graphic For Pashmina 2

Now that I am loving Pashmina 2, I have been thinking she needs a personal logo to express her mission and contribution to Hira and Shatoosh's Adventures in the Salish Sea. She will be playing a big part in where and how we will be able to explore. I wanted a rough and tough, go any where kind of boat, one that I could drag along the rugged coastlines, and not have to worry about getting her hurt. Well, she is already filling my desires and has convinced me she is tough as nails. She is ready to take me anywhere I want to go.

The Salish Sea has nourished the Northwest Tribal communities for hundreds of years and like-wise the tribal Indians have honored the great cycle of life that it offers. I have been intrigued with native Indian artwork and their beautiful graphic designs, totems and sculptures for years, but now that my focus is to venture north next summer I have come up with my own design, after contemplating my feelings of Pashmina 2.

First, she represents freedom and what better symbol so we have but the eagle.
Second, she will take me into small inlets and tidal creeks and rivers, so we have water-waves going from large to small.
Third, we will witness the great cycle of the salmon runs, so we have salmon running from the ocean to the rivers.
Fourth, we honor the great trees, the fir and the cedar, so we have have rings to reflect their majestic lives.
Fifth, we will always be aware of the beautiful qualities of the waxing moon; a new beginning in the Salish Sea, the light increases so that we might see better, have new insight as we travel to new places-- meet new faces and create greater wisdom within. We will carry our waxing inner light to share, motivate, inspire and impact other's lives.

It is for these reasons that I have drawn this new design for Pashmina 2, as she supports  Hira and Shatoosh in our mission of exploring the great Salish Sea.