Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 2 of Jean's Trip

8 October Saturday
When I was cruising in the San Juan Islands, I posted several photos of the Adventuress as she cruised past Matia Island. She looked as though she was being gobbled up and spit out from the rocky outcroppings of the islands. I thought that the crew might like to see those photos so with a stack of Shatoosh cards, I ventured down the dock to say hi. They welcomed the information and then 2 separate young men stated they were twins themselves.

A Nice Reflection

The Adventuress hails from Port Townsend and offers sail training and adventure tours/charters. Today they are giving an open house and going out for public sailing. Lots of kids are gathering on the dock, but one catches our eye. Even Tigger wears a life jacket when he is on board.

We depart before The Adventuress leaves port to catch the flooding tide. The low tide reveals the large sand spit at the entrance as well as Mt Rainier appears through the morning clouds.

Our route will take us past the Narrows into Hale Passage and under the Fox Island Bridge and over to Penrose State Park on the Key Peninsula  where we pick up a buoy on the outer side of the harbor, have lunch and bird watch and jig for bottom fish. We see lots of birds, but I have great fortune to spot a single male Harlequin duck, red necked grebes, murres, murrlelts, surf scooters, loons and hundreds of gulls. I showed Jean how I use my new buoy line and she was impressed.

Port and starboard views of thunder clouds

We listen to Jean's I-Touch

Next we venture through Pitt Passage where we have to be careful to keep us off the shoals and rocks around Pitt and McNeil Islands. We cruise through Filucy Bay and Longbranch Marina to show Jean some houses and boats. Then our final leg of the day is back to Eagle Island  where we get a buoy on the east side so we can catch glimpses of Mt Rainier. Jean has a spot of tea while warm in the forecabin.

During the night at low tide we could hear all the seals back on shore and splashing at the water's edge. I open the hatch and there is quite the ruckus going on. The wonderful sounds of nature. It is so comforting knowing that this is a safe haven for such a large population of seals. We share the sanctuary with gratitude and feel blessed for this wonderful time on the sacred waters of the Salish Sea.

Days run 22nm
Total 41nm