Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tolmie State Park and Pashmina 2

17 October 2011 Sunday

I'm excited about more exploring in Pashmina 2, so will depart the marina and follow the shoreline east towards the Nisqually Reach., which is the shallow delta region of the Nisqually River that flows from the Nisqually Glacier on Mt Rainier. The Nisqually Wildlife Area is being revamped by the native Nisqually Indians to bring the habit back to its original state so that salmon can return.

Tolmie State Park is on the way down to the reach and has been an area for oyster farming and has a small park and several buoys offshore as it is a shallow region. I pick up one of the buoys and quickly set P2 in the water. She has ridden well on the way down, is stable and secure.

The oars fit snugly under the seats

The fenders nestle under seats

A small inlet into Tolmie

P2 rows easily in 4 inches of water and with such clear water I can see where old oyster beds remain and also can see some Sand Dollars throughout the bottom. I understand that harvesting live dollars is illegal now. I return to Shatoosh and load P2 up again. She is very easy to pull up onto the  swim platform, making me wonder if having davits is really needed. I'm keeping my mind open to all possibilities.

I see on the chart that there is a deeper area farther down towards the reach and can see old pilings off in the distance. 
This area is new to me so I continue and watch my depth sounder and chart position carefully. As I approach the area I can see several buoys ahead that state they are private and part of a residential area. Also I can see masts behind a breakwater which indicates there is a small marina there. The entrance inlet to is high and dry right now as the tide is out, but apparently it is deep enough at high tide for sailboats to venture in and out. Near the shore there is the remains of an old wooden vessel of rather large size that has deteriorated over many years.

Each ring is one nm in length.

With each passing P2 adventure I am more and more impressed with this boat. I am loving her and  can see how she is already impacting me with her ease and versatility. Pashmina 2 has quickly resolved my doubts that I had about her since purchasing her.  She is without a doubt a winner.
Days Run 8.1nm