Sunday, July 17, 2011

Too Tall Visits the Pacific Northwest

Too Tall has traveled up from California in a small RV to visit and to rendezvous with Corey, the new owner of Skol, Albin 25. Several months ago I was able to find Skol's new owner, Corey, who is a shipwright at a Lake Union Boatyard. Too Tall wanted to meet him and bring him several items of interest of Skol's past history and all the work that Too Tall had done.

Too Tall, also, wanted to get a ride on Shatoosh. For 2 days, we ambled over about 35 nm over to Gig Harbor and went through the History Museum where there is an amazing basket collection woven by native Salish Indians. It is breath-taking. I particularly liked the small, intricate baskets woven out of whale baleen. This is something that one rarely sees in one's life.

We cruised out of Gig and ventured across the Narrows to see Salmon Beach houses and to show Too Tall
the new Narrow's Bridge. The people who live at Salmon Beach have a hug staircase to climb to get to their homes. I'm not even going to think about the sewer systems.

Salmon Beach Homes

A rare find at Dockton dock
 We tie up at the Dockton dock to have lunch and to see this old vessel. Someone tells us it was once the Admiral's launch off the Nimitz. I'm sure the Admiral would be disappointed.

Corey and the Dunato Team restore this beauty

Corey and Too Tall review Skol's details

My left over pieces of Starboard made nice swim steps for Skol

I'm interested in the stern pushpit

A Derelect Albin 25 in Tacoma

Too Much Neglect for Too Long a Time

We return to my condo and finish the trip with dinner and Too Tall gets to see my booklet on Sailing Sabra from Hawaii to Washington in 1982. It was a fun trip/visit with Too Tall and he certainly enjoyed meeting Corey, who is the perfect keeper of Skol. He can rest assured, that Skol is in the best of hands. It will be fun to follow the remake of Skol. She will be the beauty of the Salish Sea, for certain.