Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 July 2011: Eagle Isl to Steilacoom and Back

Shatoosh at Steilacoom Dock
I meet my long time friend, Care at the Steilacoom Ferry Dock. She crewed for me when we did the Willamette River trip up through the oldest locks in the USA. She is now 80 years old, but keeps fit with lots of sports, scuba diving, biking and Pickel ball. She is a Senior Olympian with lots of medals to her name.

We  take the long way back to Eagle Island, by heading south around Ketron Island which is privately owned. The south end has a high bluff and I spot an eagle. It comes soaring down to try to catch a fish, but misses. We slow down and he attempts about 10 dives and comes up empty claws each time.

Our east side buoy is open and we pick it up easily. I fix lunch and then Care and I launch Pashmina for her first spin in the Salish Sea. She balks at the swift current around the east edge so we leave her on the shore and walk around. We  return and see how Pashmina fits along the swim platform. It is easy to slide onto and to board from the stern.

South Bluff Ketron Island

Care Admiring the View

Pashmina Gets Her  Bottom Wet with Salt Water

We have fun taking lots of photos of me in the dinghy and of Shatoosh with Rainier in the background. So beautiful.
Shatoosh Moored At Eagle Island
How Beautiful Is This Photo?

Classic Cruiser Visiting Tacoma

I take Care back to the dock and return for the night. The next day I return back to my slip and see this beauty still docked on the Foss Waterway. The Westward.

Total Run: 86.3 nm.