Monday, July 11, 2011

5 July 2011 Penrose State Park to Eagle Island State Park

Across from Penrose is the Lakebay Marina. It has a few slips and has always been run down. I cruise over to it and tie up but the place is closed down and for sale. A guy tells me that the old man died and his children don't want to mess with the place. Too bad, as this place could be a jewel all fixed up.

Its 1130 so I slip my lines from the rusty cleats and point Shatoosh's bow to my next destination; Pitt Passage. I have been through this passage a few years ago and it is rocky and windy, but beautiful. First off though, as I depart Mayo Cove, I swing by and practice picking up a mooring buoy. Its been a while and might as well try one when it is calm. Well, that was easy with no wind and current, just leaning over the cockpit side and slipping the line through the ring. I had set the boat hook out just in case, but didn't need it. I had set some waypoints on the chartplotter for Pitt Passage and that made navigating easier, as I zigged and zagged from side to side. There was quite alot of water splashing at one channel marker and at first I thought it could be orcas, but it turned out to be seals. Pitt Island is a sweet one out in the middle of the passage, but no going on this one as it is part of the McNeil Island Penitentiary System.

Pitt Island

 I cruise into Filucy bay and check out Longbranch Marina. There are 2 boats and couples sitting in the sun and they yell to me wanting to know what kind of boat this is. I pull over and tie up. We have friends in common in Olympia. It is a small world. They are cruising in a C-Dory 25 and an older Owens. I depart after they share some of their ice with me. The view of Mt  Rainier is breath taking from Longbranch.

I'm off to my final stop: Eagle Island. On the west side there is a large seal colony sunning themselves on an outcroppping of rocks. This is still a minus tide day. I am busy watching them with my binos and soon realize I ahve drifted down onto the reef. My depth sounder is reading 6,5,4 ft and look over and see the bottom. Yikes, I'm out of there in a jiffy and in deep water again. That was close. I pick up the mooring buoy easily and settle into a sunny relaxed afternoon. The seals are making alot of noise and tail slapping and spy hopping. They have been watching too much whale activity. This is a large colony that hangs here all the time, so they must have lots of fish to eat. They seem like a happy bunch to me.

The sunset with the Olympics in the background is beautiful. Hum, I like Eagle island and of course they had ongoing eagle activity.