Monday, July 11, 2011

4 July 2011 Gig Harbor to Penrose State Park

Yesterday's Sunset

My old marina
I have a leisurely morning to await the tide change, but before I leave Gig, I take some time to cruise throughout the harbor and see my old marina. I have many fond memories of being here. I was one of the first berthers at the marina after it was built in 1983. It was a cold December morning when we brought her over from Commencement Bay. The winds were gusting to 50 knots on our beam, but Sabra, loves this kind of wind and with just the main up we arrived in quick order. I had one day to move her, as the following day I was departing on a trip to be with my dying sister.

Departing on a minus tide and catching the flood tide to go south

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

                                                                  Virginia is getting her 104 yr old aunt Mimmie gathered up and driving her to the Fox Island Bridge so they can take Shatoosh's photo as we go under the bridge with Mt Rainier in the background. The old girl is up for it and we barrel through at 7.7 k as Virginia takes our picture. There is a cruiser high and dry on top of a rock shoal just to my port, which gets my attention, lots of speeding boats zip by us and to top the busy soup 2 paddle boarders about to collide with me.

I take the time to stop and look back and call Virginia to thank her.

By 1630 I have found my way to Penrose State park. The tide is still very low and the dock is hidden from view with the tall shoreline. I make my turn in shallow water and tie up easily with 7 feet of water under the keel.

Entrance to Mayo Cove and Penrose St Park.
Days run:15nm
Total: 36.4 nm