Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Its overcast, another cup of coffee and later in the morning French Toast with homegrown eggs from Pam out in Yelm, WA. A few blueberries and syrup make a perfect Sunday brunch. I'm getting lots of well wishes and blessings for my trip down river. Thank you all.

Yesterday I took a photo of a sweet gaff rigged cat boat and today several men were in it having fun. I hailed them over and Bob, the skipper, and also the owner of a Willard 30 cutter is heading down river to set sail across the bar on the 10th. He is cruising with a group and will be following a more offshore route than we will be taking. They will not be harbor hopping. The name of the vessel is Wings of the Dawn. They are headed for BC. Perhaps I will see them again along the way..They liked the photo I took and I have sent it to his email and in turn take my camera for a sail and take some pictures of Shatoosh and me.

The weather was gloomy gray with a few prospects of sun breaks that never happened. I check in with my crossing guru, Larry, of the Starship. With so much raging water being swept down river to the ocean, perhaps this will impact my depart schedule at buoy 10. I might have to adjust. Will see what he has to say about this. This current will be colliding with the incoming tide at a much great intensity, making for a harder crossing.

No rain, which is good.