Sunday, May 22, 2011

Joyce and Zephyr

Joyce continues to feed me photos and bits of her first cruise to Roosevelt Lake in Arizona.
Shes says,"We had an amazing few days on Lake Roosevelt. The camping was fun, much to my surprise. I have not been camping for 30 years and was not sure how that part would work. I really enjoyed being in nature all day and even at night. The coyotes sang a few nights, there were no bugs to speak of and no close encounters with scorpions or rattle snakes.

It was a challenge for me to be out on a boat that I was guessing at the rigging and taking two dear friends who were not familiar with sailing. I was a bit tense and nervous the night before but I was open to trust in my sailing skills as well as keep an eye out for my crew's safety. I realize that it has been eight years since I left Hawaii and sold Sarah, my Cape Dory 27 I had for fifteen years.

The winds were brisk, coming from different directions, changing over 90 degrees from one gust to another. Zephyr was great, I have a list of projects before we go out again and Phyllis and Chris proved their salt, enjoying a broad reach the second day. To see the saguaro cactus right next to the blue lake was spectacular. We went to Tonto National Monument to visit the cliff dwellings. It is amazing to realize that the Salt River basin is now the lake. What man has created is beyond understanding and I wonder at the long term ramifications of building so many dams, especially in the Southwest.

I am ready to return this fall if the weather is not too hot. I have much Gratitude to John, the Boat Giver, who has given me this wonderful gift of challenge, creativity and fun."

Its great to see Joyce, owning a boat again and back in the cockpit with sailing gloves on. You Go, Girl.